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Internal Throttle
This is the original Streamline Designs throttle.Made in the USA.It fits all one inch handle bars and uses all one inch grips.DOT APPROVED for on road use. The first design since Harley to be approved and it ONLY uses on cable. The Internal throttle is the result of trial and error. The design was based on a already widely used product but completely re-thought and reworked to allow the use of bearings. The throttle uses 6 bearings. The object was to create a throttle that was super smooth so precision was key.. This allows the plunger inside to have support from both sides as the throttle is twisted. no play side to side. There is a return spring inside to her push the cable back. Allowing the use of just one cable and not the factory dual. We have a cable kit as well . It uses a adjustable throttle pull at the carb end. The mounting of thenew throttle is easy as it can be. Slide the throttle in and tighten the split bolt up and move on the next step of the installation process. The wedge lock system means there is no welding at all. So you can install them on a already painted or chromed set of handle bars. You can even transfer the throttle to another bike if you ever sell you bike. Next at the end of the inner wedge lock is a convex coned so that the wire routing is simplified even further.